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Pimiento cheese fritters with a sweet chili glaze

About Us

CHOW At One Eighteen is dedicated to providing you the best cuisine and dining experience possible. Our service is unmatched and our cooking is unbelievable. We use only the freshest ingredients to provide you with a meal you’ll never forget! Chow’s mission is to help create a unique event centered around remarkably good food. We pride ourselves on having an established reputation of quality and magnificence. Our main goal will always be to serve you and make each and every meal special. CHOW strives to perfect every little detail in our food, preparation and presentation. We fulfill your culinary needs with excitement, creativity and elegance.


our mission

We can take care of all of the details to make your dining experience one of ease and enjoyment. We are committed to creating dishes that are exceptional for our guests’ enjoyment. We take great care and passion when devising new dinner menus to offer you a new and savory experience with each visit. We apply the same level of dedication when catering for any type of special occasion. It is our attention to detail that continues to set us apart as one of the best restaurants in Arkansas.

Tres Leches Cake, Mexican Flan and Chocolate cake.